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Fablab house is getting ready for the competition to be held on thursday july 17, 2010. Construction in Madrid is going ahead.

From Construction in madrid
From Construction in madrid


FabLab  house starts to be constructed, the base and the top panel skeletons

Moving and making room for other pieces

Interior insulations

Slab being insulated

The solar Fablab house team

Construction in progress

Coating the exterior panels

Flipping the panels

Exterior panels constructed

FabLab House Team discussing

Solar House presentation in Barcelona before going to Barcelona

Few of the last pieces being carried away to Madrid


Solar House construction has finally started at IaaC. There are over 1500 structural components arrived from FinnForest/Merk factory in Germany.

90% of stab pieces have installed

Inside of one of the legs for mechanical space

Researcher Jezi Stankevic checks slab pieces with plan

Structural Ribs

Installing the structural bridges

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70% of structural pieces were delivered to IaaC from Finnforest / Merk, Germany. All pieces are unloaded to IaaC space and ready to be assembled.

Structure team standing in front of the track from Germany

Unloading first piece

Unloading one of the biggest pieces

Unloaded pieces

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Solar House Fabrication Seminar hosted an intensive 4 days workshop starting Thursday 22nd, April to Sunday 25th for finalizing the design of the ramp, interior, landscaping, and facade as well as the new tool Shopbot training  for the preparation of coming weeks of construction.

Workshop starts with introduction of the scope of work by IaaC director Vicente Guallart

IaaC master students with 1:9 scale model

Ramp study model

Landscape study

Final Structure model assembly

Facade study

Shopbot training


Solar House partner Finnforest Merk have succesfully fabricated the structural panels. Each element is engraved and cut by a large scale CNC milling machine “Kuka” and the 1st truck is on its way to IaaC, scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

45mm LVL fabrication process

KUKA cutting LVL panel

Cut out structural pieces

One of structural Ribs

Packing for transportation

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250 sheets of Curvable Plywood have been arrived at IaaC from our wood supplier RADISA. Solar house team has tested it flexibility onto the 1:1 scale mock up.

Mock up with curvable plywood

Researcher Daisuke Nagatomo and Master student Emil Burulyanov installing curvable plywood


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