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Fablab House construction in Madrid

Fablab house is getting ready for the competition to be held on thursday july 17, 2010. Construction in Madrid is going ahead.

From Construction in madrid

From Construction in madrid

FabLab House Construction Process

FabLab  house starts to be constructed, the base and the top panel skeletons

Moving and making room for other pieces

Interior insulations

Slab being insulated

The solar Fablab house team

Construction in progress

Coating the exterior panels

Flipping the panels

Exterior panels constructed

FabLab House Team discussing

Solar House presentation in Barcelona before going to Barcelona

Few of the last pieces being carried away [...]

Solar House Construction has started

Solar House construction has finally started at IaaC. There are over 1500 structural components arrived from FinnForest/Merk factory in Germany.

Structural pieces delivered to IaaC

70% of structural pieces were delivered to IaaC from Finnforest / Merk, Germany. All pieces are unloaded to IaaC space and ready to be assembled.

Solar House Fabrication Seminar Workshop

Solar House Fabrication Seminar hosted an intensive 4 days workshop starting Thursday 22nd, April to Sunday 25th for finalizing the design of the ramp, interior, landscaping, and facade as well as the new tool Shopbot training  for the preparation of coming weeks of construction.

Fabrication of Structure Element at Finnforest

Solar House partner Finnforest Merk have succesfully fabricated the structural panels. Each element is engraved and cut by a large scale CNC milling machine “Kuka” and the 1st truck is on its way to IaaC, scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

Facade Study Curvable Plywood

250 sheets of Curvable Plywood have been arrived at IaaC from our wood supplier RADISA. Solar house team has tested it flexibility onto the 1:1 scale mock up.

Finnforest Merk Factory Video Clips





Researchers visit Finnforest Merk Factory

Solar House research director Daniel Ibanez, researcher Daisuke Nagatomo and Minnie Jan visited Finnforest Merk Factory in Aichach, Germany to discuss final production of all structural pieces.
Solar House structure is composed of over 1500 pieces which are milled from 2.5m x 12m LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) panel. Digital fabrication process allows the house structure to [...]

Researchers finalizing the structural model

Solar House is at the final step of the preparing structure files to be fabricated digitally. It requires careful coordination with all components to create precise wood pieces.

Solar House Fabrication Seminar 3

IaaC master students begins the fabrication process. Each team is assigned specific task to advance the design of Solar House.

Solar House Fabrication Seminar 2

Director Vicente Guallart and IaaC master students discuss the fabrication of Solar House. Researchers in each sub-group lead separate meetings and give better understanding of each component of the house.

Solar House Fabrication Seminar First Day

Solar House Fabrication Seminar has started with the brief introduction of Solar House by faculty Rodrigo Rubio to Master Students. This seminar is to fabricate the house at IaaC and transport to Solar Village at Madrid. Master students are divided into 8 groups to develop Structure, Transportation, Ramp, Interface, Landscape, Exterior Skin, Interior finishes, and [...]

Insulation Test: BKN System

FabLab House research team has chosen BKN system as the house insulation material. BKN (BIOKLIMA NATURE) System insulation is made out of 100% natural and renewable, such as dried grass and wool. It is also flexible so that fits perfect for the house curvy surface.

Solar house mock-up to be covered by Giscosa EPDM

Joseph Lluis Puig from Giscosa, one of Solar/FabLab House partners, came to IaaC to demonstrate Giscosa’s EPDM on full scale mock-up. The waterproof membrane is reinforced by glass fiber and perfect suits for the curved surface of the house.

Solar House researchers visit HP Spain

IaaC Solar House research directors Daniel Ibanez and Rodrigo Rubio, researcher Minnie Jan and Daisuke Nagatomo, visit HP Spain to see their latest printing technologies for the future collaboration with FabLab House.

FabLab House is on Divendres, Televisio de Catalunya

Vicente Guallart and FabLab House researchers are invited to Divendres, Televisio de Catalunya to show the FabLab House. The presentation was on air February  3rd, 2010.

TV3, FabLab House

Final Visualization

Solar House Launching Fabrication Ceremony

Ceremony of  Launching Fabrication of the first Solar House of Barcelona, the Fab Lab House, within the frame of the solar Decathlon 2010 Competition.
Javier Nieto, IaaC president
Presentación del proyecto:
Vicente Guallart, IaaC Director
Neil Gershenfeld, Director of The Center for Bits and Atoms
Jorge González, Project Director of  Schneider Electric, Spain
Launching of Fabrication, with the participation of:
Ramon García [...]

Una casa solar autosuficiente, Barcelona, 21 ene (EFE).- (Imágenes: Sergio Andreu)

Process of making 1:9 final design model

Solar House team on Catalan TV

Solar House continuously draws attention from the press and television. Catalan TV came the day before exhibition to get a first look of the final design.

Final design 1:9 scale model construction

Solar house team has started the construction of  a complete 1:9 scale model. This model will indicate the exterior finishes as well as interior.

Structural meeting with Diego Velayos from XST Arquitectural Estructural

Solar house team had meeting with Diego Velayos, structural engineer from XST Arquitectural Estructural about finalizing the structural system for the house.


Updated visualisations

Solar Decathlon Europe organizers visit IaaC solar house team

Solar Decathlon Europe organizers visit IaaC to discuss all issues and questions with solar house team.

FabLab House Structure full size mock-up building process

1:1 Sectional House Prototype

Solar house researchers finished construction of full scale mock-up of sectional house prototype at IaaC.

Hanif Kara reviews FabLab House

Hanif Kara, director and co-founder of design engineering consultant firm AKT (Adams Kara Taylor) delivered a lecture titled “Interdisciplinary Curiosity” earlier in the evening then kindly offered his services to review the FabLab House.

Solar Decathlon Europe Organiser visits IaaC

Solar Decathlon Europe Organiser, Francisco Tardio, drops in to preview the FabLab house and meet the IaaC solar house research group.

Schneider and Santa Cole Workshop

The FabLab house team now turns its focus to the Mechanical and Electrical systems of the Solar House. IaaC research members intiate the proposal and then engage in a full day workshop with Schneider representatives from their business, operations and engineering sectors to investigate and thus deduce an architecture for the Electrical System of the house. [...]

Structural Model Study

The production methodology of the FabLab House is based on the simple principle that all of the structural components can be manufactured from a 1220 x2440 plywood panel produced here in the FabLab at IaaC, or at any other Fablab around the world for that matter. A two week study by IaaC research members culminated in a 1:9 working model [...]

Minister for Housing checks out the FabLab House

Having just completed a design document submission for the Solar Decathlon Europe, the Solar House team begin to workshop the design intensively under the watchful eye of IaaC director, Vicente Guallart and the Minister for Housing.

Working Desk discussion

Solar House research members got together to discuss for the desk to fabricate. Each one has own idea and coming up with great solution for our working space.

Solar Decathlon Washington Video

Visiting US Solar Decathlon

Vicente Guallart, the director of IaaC visited the US Solar Decathlon opening in Washington.
Left to right
Sergio Vega > Director of Solar Decathlon Europe
Vicente Guallart > Director of IaaC
Jose Manuel Paez > Vicerrector of internacionational relationships of UPM
Francisco Tardio > Spanish embassy in US
Behind the Capitolio and the German Solar House, winner of 2009

la Casa Project

La Casa project…. it will be our house for next 9 months to do intensive research for FabLab House. We start demolishing old warehouse at IaaC and converting to working space. Adding new mezzanine level, stairs, bookshelves, of course WORKING DESKS… Mucho trabajo, sennores!!!

Meeting with Florian Foerster Buro Happold

Florian Foerster, the structural engineer from Buro Happold, flew over from Germany to IaaC for the FabLab House. The meeting was very heated up and we got some great structure ideas.

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